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Tuesday, July 15, 2003  

Scotland’s Woes

Everybody is, or at least should be aware of Scotland’s brilliant heritage in the world of ideas, particularly since the book by Alfred Herman on the Scottish Enlightenment. So it comes to a very pretty pass when for the first time in my knowledge it has joined sub-Saharan Africa. Finally the inconsequential mix of Liberal and Labour in the Scottish parish Council has I came to this realisation this morning when I received on of those Nigerian Fraud letters.

Now as far as I understand these fraud letters work because people believe enough in the corruption of the named government, so this little piece is a corker for those who long to see that country return to its old world beating ways.

According to Continental Trust Bank policy, at the expiration of 5 (five) years, all 'dormant monies' for which no credible and authoritative beneficiaries exist will revert to the ownership of the Scottish Government. In the past, This has provided some bank officials working in tandem with certain Government authorities with an avenue to siphon money into so-called black holes.

That the home of Smith, Hume,Faraday and Mcpherson has come to this…

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