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Tuesday, July 01, 2003  

Pollard Pole-axed in the Great Nootropil experiment

Steven Pollard parades his constitution with pride today, what is more he boasts that his weakness made the leader column. Well as a fellow experimenter with the frolicsom fellow I can state that the Nootropils in question had a splendidly beneficial effect.

Now much of what is said in this piece is true, though there may have been a certain corporate interest in fact the dinner was flagged up as the "Von Humbolt Dinner" organised by the Centre for the New Europe

A motley collection of Brussels journalists dribbled into the cocktail bar from 7pm - the allotted time and 9 the accurate time. Well it was Brussels.

There were as is stated two rules. Eat heartily and drinkk to stupefaction. What was odd of course was the way in which we sat there at the start of the meal, little soupsons of food before us, an irrelevant waiver form to sign all wrapped like a document of import. Before each plate sat a home made box, nestling inside were 3 pink pills.

As a pill chaser each had to hand a double shot of malt. Which none used opting for water - this was not how things had been planned.

The problem was two fold, first I had not sat down to get drunk for a long time. Oh I have got drunk alot, but not sat down with the precise opurpose of doing so. The second problem as somebody pointed out was that sitting with a Flemming who reeked opf Antwerp docks did rather take the icing off the two star cake.

However manfully we tried. Steven took notes the rest of us all took another glass. Due to the constraints... Get pissed you lot, the conversation was stilted until the port. And 77 Taylors is almost as good as it gets, there again the 40 Glenmorangie was pretty good too.

The whole thing was odd, but fine, i piled off home at 4 in the morning to find an awakle wife, who treated me civily to my great suprise.

The effectivemness of the pills however was not in question. No head, no fragility and a brisk walk to the pub for lunch. Ideal

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