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Tuesday, July 01, 2003  

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Arrested by French Police

The Ulster MEP, Nobel Laureat and, sadly very ill man, John Hume was one of 2 MEPs arrested last night at Paris airport.
This is the latest event in a saga that stretches back to the moment that Air France managed to wrtench a monopoly on flights to Strasbourg for the European Parliament's monthly sojurn in Alsace. But this time it might have a serious effect.

Essentially, almost as a monthly ritual some MEPs are refused access to their pre-booked seats to get to complete their democtratic duties by voting through legislation. Now I wouldn't mind if they manged to stop the lot of them, but of course that doesn't happen.

So Hume and Edward McMillan Scott (tory federast) tried to shimmy their way onto the flight, no go boyos said les Flics and arrested the pair.

The upshot was a screaming row in the parliament this, morning with members from across the spectrum of countries and political allegiance (welll they are all philes but you get my point) laying into Air France.. a pathetic rearguard action was fought by assorted French members, but many will now be voting for the closure of Strasbourg for good.

One has dreams.

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