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Friday, July 11, 2003  

Is anybody in Brussels listening?

“Parliament has no more right to lay Britain’s sovereignty at the feet of a foreign constitution than it has to ban elections,” he said. “No British government has the right to give away what it does not own.”
Iain Duncan Smith, Prague 10th July

Though I skim read IDS's speech yesterday I did not get round to properly looking at it until this afternoon. And for the first time in years I can honestly say that I think the Tories are going in the right direction. He was not just speaking for the people of Britain but speaking in a vien that is both deeply serious and deeply simple to understand. The two years of Euro purdah from which he has been suffering after the horrors of Britain's first ever primary process have been banished and he has come out fighting.

"The institutions of the EU can never command the deep loyalty and affection that are the lifeblood of true democracy. Real, living democracies are worth defending and, ultimately, worth dying for."

Iain I supect that you fnd many people who will join you on the barricades.

Note to UKIP, Now will you go away and allow a serious party to campaign seriously on issues of which you have little understanding and less interest. Read his speech and come home.

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