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Friday, July 18, 2003  

Grinding my Axe

This is taken from the website of one Denis MacShane, currently the Miniature for Europe.

Born in Glasgow in 1948, married with four children.

Denis first stood for Parliament as a Labour candidate in 1974 in the safe Tory seat Solihull and was elected MP for Rotherham in 1994, aged 45.

Much of the 20 year interval was spent working overseas for the international labour movement and founding the European Policy Institute.

Denis is unusual amongst Labour MP's as in addition to academic qualifications (MA from Oxford and Ph.D from London University) he has a deep knowledge of the economic and social policy frameworks of other countries, continualy (sic) advising British and American Unions on European and international affairs.

He was arrested and imprisoned by the Communist secret police in Poland, while organising support for the Polish union, Solidarity, after it was repressed by General Jaruzelski in 1981.

Strongly committed to the modernisation process within the Labour Party.

As an MP, he has concentrated on economic, manufacturing, fiscal, labour market and European policy issues. I have written on modern political theory.(Now who wrote this Denis or a civil servant?) In June of 1997, he was named Parliamentary Private Secretary to Foreign Office Ministers.

Since 2001 Denis been (grammer) chair of the Fabian Society, he writes regularly for national newspapers [refer Guardian newspaper Oct 2002, Three Types of Social Democracy - search under Denis MacShane] and political journals as well as for European newspapers.

Publications include:
a political biography of Francois Mitterand, and studies of Poland's independant (sic) trade union, Solidarnosc, and black workers' movements in South Africa.

Short Career Biog:
1970s: BBC Journalist
1978: President, NUJ
1980-92: Policy Director
International Metalworkers
Federation in Geneva
1994-present:MP for Rotherham
2001-present:Foreign Office Minister

Who would employ this man in a proper job? He cannot spell, he cannot use the language proper, he worked for a short while as a journalist, since then has been a perma-union rep. He hero-worshipped Francois Mitterand. Now he seems to suggest that we should all have an open debate (yeah, likely story, just like the open consultation on id cards and the open discussion of GM foods) on the Constitution, and then maybe we might be allowed to vote on it. Now I am pleased that the hard core no vote for your future attitude seems to be slipping, but I will believe it when I see it. Wonderfully he is now claiming that he will be visiting 100 towns and cities selling Europe by the kilo across the UK in the next twelvemonth. I would love to see the itinery, but I guess it will not be available (for security concerns).

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