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Friday, July 11, 2003  

Eurostat Case
OK this has got to stop

At this point I have to decalre an interest. As co-editor of The Sprout I have been closely involved in the Eurostat fraud case for a few months.

In one of our columns "Dear Edith" a spoof agony aunt we flagged up the Eurostat fraud case in January of this year and in October of last year.

However in our last two editions we have led with the case. Not as the FT did buy concentrating on the post 1999 fraud, but on the fraud that has existed in the Luxembourg organisation since at least 1993, if not 1989.

Last month Mr David O'Sullivan an Irishman who is head of Prodi's private office told the world, or more precisely told the Budgetary Control Committee of the European Parliament that no Commissioner was aware of the Eurostat case before the FT ran the story. This is a provable lie. . I am serious, an absolute provable lie.

I understand that in a democracy there is one democratic sin. That ius to be caught lying to Parliament. Can I make this clear, Romano Prodi's chef de cabinet lied to Parliament. So what has happened. WEell the Committee was told on Wednesday night that the Commission is going to initiate disciplinary prioceedings against three senior officials in Eurostat. Well dfone boys, congratulations. But the Commissioner told the Committee that he did not know the names of the officials in question. Whoops, there they go again, lying to Parliament. I know, and anybody who reads the Sprout, EUObserver, the FT, the Telegraph oh any news paper in Europe, knows the names of at least two of the officials. Yves Franchet and Daniel Byk. The thirsd is presently iunknown to me, but I am sure that the Commissioner could make a rough guess, but no he would prefer to LIE to Parliament.

And what have our splendid European Parlaimentarians done. The some total of nothing. They were in the position to SACK the Commissioner and have duty to do so. But it was the last day of term, most were on holiday already, the Commission is finally doing something (hanging the obviously gulity out to dry - where are your friends now Mr Franchet), so they do nothing. And why, because the charge was lead by the Conservatives in the person of Chris Heaton-Harris, and because it was lead by a Conservative the rest of the lowlife slime that make up the Parliament refuse to act. Conservative bad, anything else (that is intergrationist) good. It stinks

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