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Wednesday, July 02, 2003  

Berlesconi blows up in Strassbourg

In an extremely heated exchange in the European Parliament today Silvio Berlesconi mentioned the War. Throwing European political convention aside he told one German Socialist MEP that he would make a good concentration camp commandant.

According to Reuters today, and a number of freinds phoning up in hysterics, Martin Shulz MEP was giving the oiled Italian grief over media interests and his position in the political stratosphere. Berlesconin responded thus,
"Mr Schulz, I know there is in Italy a man producing a film on the
Nazi concentration camps. I would like to suggest you for the role of
leader. You'd be perfect.",

Cue pandemonium and general guffaws, from some quarters and great sucking of teeth elsewhere.

posted by Eliab | 5:30 pm
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