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Friday, July 04, 2003  

Back to Silvio

A correspondant has pointed a few things out.

With the left in full cry in pursuit of Berlusconi and conveniently
forgetting that Chirac has got himself exactly the same immunity!! And the
French Socialists backed Chirac against Le Pen with the slogan "Back the
Crook; not the Fascist" it is useful also to remind ourselves of another
socialist's (Prodi's) background. The following was in the Telegraph 4/05/99
Criminal inquiries that cast a cloud over the past of Europe's Mr Clean

ROMANO PRODI, the incoming President of the European Commission who is expected to sail through a pro-forma confirmation process this week in the European Parliament, has been under criminal investigation in Italy twice during the last 15 years.

It is hard to assess the gravity of the allegations and criticisms against him. The Italian judicial system is secretive. Although The Telegraph has obtained some damning documents, most of the key reports and rulings, as well as sworn testimony, is sealed.

The Italian press is largely controlled by Prodi's allies. During his successful tenure as Prime Minister, he was seen as the only figure who could keep Italy on track for the euro. The Italian establishment - poteri forti - has instinctively closed ranks behind him. For the Italian people, he has become a national mascot.

This IRI privatisation scam is what Prodi and Berlusconi have fallen out
over. Berlusconi accuses Prodi of corruption and challenges a court ruling;
and now the courts are pursuing Berlusconi for daring to accuse the judges
of bias!!

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