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Monday, June 23, 2003  

A response to Aidan Rankin's piece in the Spectator

The Trotskyists of the Right

Aidamn Rankin bemoans the state of the current Tory Party, but is too harsh in all directions.
Though his description of the three main strands of contemporary 'consertvative' thought are interesting they are caricatures. And like most good caricatures they do hold up to some scrutiny.

However being in my own way associated with all three strands I find the description harsh and unfair.

Bizarrely I find that I pigeonhole myself - and others like me as Anarcho-monarchists - Yes I I am liberal in social and economic sense, but am well aware of the babies that are being thrown out with the bathwater of too fast, too permanent a desire for change. Sometimes I feel that the 'Mods' of Exchange and cChange exemplified by Paul Grey and others wait with baited breath for the next act of this unhinged government to announce that the Tories must gop there to be in that dread phrase "relavent". This is bunk. And bunk on casters. That way madness lies - or at tleast the permanent dissafection of vast numbers of naturally conservative voters who see mere fadism.

The libertarians have always been the Conservative militant tendancy and do, to an extent fit your ideological description. They are not overly keen on disagreement, but in their favour at least over here in Brussels they are tthe only ones who actulaly do any thinking and are open to debate. I believe they must be encouyraged, if not always agreed with.

And I have never met a permanent reactionary. I thought they went out with Lord Eldon. Even amongst the Countryside alliance crowd (again I plead guilty) there is a wide range of views, views that are supported by large numbers of urban and suburban non Tory voting, and non voting people.

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