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Friday, June 27, 2003  

Arrest Warrant out for Harry Potter

Latest news from Belgian concerns the issue of an arrest warrant for Harry Potter. Using the countries infamous "universal competance" law which has recently seen arrest warrants out for HGeorge Bush, General Tommy Franks and Hans Solo, Pan Magazine a Belgian French language weekly paper (sadly not on the net) has revealed that left wing magistrates have applied to have Master Potter arrested.

It claims that the magistrate has cited Mr Potter's iressponsible use of magic and his blatant disregard for International Magical Institutions such as the United Wizards and Warlocks Convention while blasting 'Death Eaters' and other assorted dark figures. A spokeman for Belgiums Ministry for magic is quoted as saying that " though Lord Voldemortwas a recognised threat 14 years ago he is no longer regarded as a danger to international magical security".

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