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Wednesday, May 14, 2003  

Back in harness and straight back to the point

"Rome is trying to be let off paying fines for over-production of milk, arguing that quotas previously agreed were not sufficient, meaning Italy has to import the calcium-rich liquid". According to EU Obs

What I find amazing about this story is the fact (as far as I understand it) that the UK's quota is set at 83% of UK milk requiirements, also making it illegal for the UK to be self sufficient uin dairy products. I don't remember a British government throwing the teddy out of the pram about this issue. However I am always a bit stumped over issues like this. Should British ministers at the Council always threaten to tip up the cart whenever there is something they do not like on the table (go mixed metaphors)? Or should they behave in a splendidly communitaire fashioon and use things like this as browny points when it comes to defending national interests on matters of greater importance?

I suppose if the British public ever felt that we did in fact win some of the negotiations then the current strategy would be fine, but as I am, as of yet, unaware how this strategy has ever fained us friends around the Council chamber I should therefore grudgingly respect the Italians approach.

posted by Eliab | 1:00 pm
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