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Wednesday, April 02, 2003  

Shut up and do what you're told

The EU really doen't get it, first we have Chirac telling the candidate countries to shut up, in todays Die Presse we have Gunter Verheugen announcing that the signatories of the Vilnius Declaraction in support of the coalition didn't mean it.

When will he and others like him realise that the peoples of the enlargment countries have shaken off one vile dictorship with the heartfelt support of the Anglo-American alliance and the power of Nato. Europe, in its hand-wringing shilly-shallyness sat and did not want to rock the boat, stability was all, as it is today. But it was the stability and silence of the grave. The newly free peoples of the East can see horror as well as anybody else, but they have real knowledge that to stop horror one has to stand up to it. The EU is a nice club, but seems to be setting up different membership rights and privilages. One privilage is the right to shut up when you believe in something that is contrary to the Franco-German hegemony. But more, much more than that. If somebody has the temerity to stray from the Francomande script then you don't even mean it. When will the Commission and euro-polititians have the decency to believe somebody when they say something.

It is apparent from the attitude to referenda (viz Denmark and Ireland) that saying no is not an acceptable answer, and in the case of the Vilnius Group, disagreeing is not actually meant.

posted by Eliab | 12:41 pm
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