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Monday, April 07, 2003  

Putting things in perspective

Iain Murray's piece over at Tech Central Staton about the veracity of the Iraq Bodycount Website figures, is an effective demlition job on what the website claims to be the minimum civilain casulaty figure. (Currently sitting around the 877 mark). The maximum figure seems to be fair as Iain states at 1050.
This is all pretty horrific, hundreds of civilians are dead, whether by Coalition fire or Iraqui fire, so much is true, but I would like to draw you attention to a little story in today's Guardian.
At least 966 people were killed in dawn attacks on more than a dozen villages in north-eastern Congo last week, UN investigators said yesterday.

The Guardian should be applauded for mentioning this, even if they do in less than two inches, but hold on. The confirmed dead figures in just one night in the Congo is greater than Iraqi body Count's flawed low figure and less than a hundred away from their inflated top possible figure. The war has been going on for over three weeks, huge amounts of munitions have been raining down on Iraqi cities nightly, yet in the Congo one nights work kills 966 at least. C'mon, where are the demonstrations, where is the action, where are the famous caring liberals, nowhere, nada, nothing. The UN has flaggedthis up but what do they propose theinternational community does about it.
The poor people of the Congo better not hold their breath, that is if they have any left in their bodies.

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