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Friday, April 04, 2003  

"Is your head in the clouds?"

Last night while traversing the Brussels metro system I noticed that the Royal Belgian Air Force has started a recruitment campaign. The big glossy posters that were up in most stations were explicitly advertising and open day, but the above was the main strap line! Well the Belgian defence ministry's head may be in the clouds but for lawds sake!

Now I do not want to be down on the Belgians, after all I enjoy my life here, but hold on a moment. Have you ever heard a better or more accurate advert,.

Join the Belgian Air force! What pray is it for, who would, unless they wanted subsidised training to go on to commercial carriers? Part of the incentive for joining the military must be that you want to do the job, or so I would have thought. But when we learn that the average age of Belgian military personell is pushing 40 then I just don't get it. What are they for? And no it cannot be so that Louis Michel can pontificate about his terribly important place in the world, can it?

posted by Eliab | 2:01 pm
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