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Friday, April 18, 2003  

Greetings from sunny Glasgow

And no I'm not using any sort of snide comment, the Clyde is beautiful, well close to beutiful and the sight of thousand of West end types lolling behind the bars on Ashton lane is dandy.

But disrupting their piece to hand them leaflets with Scottish Tories written all over them is not the ideal way to spend Good Friday. I guess I will have to come clean and admit that standing in Glasgow Kelvin is not one of my wisest of acts. There again apart from a couple of Tommy Sheridans repellant army describing me as 'Fascist scum' while they reused their dogs lead to attach a poster to a lampost is the closest I have come to any abuse. In fact the people have been remarka
bbly friendly to this dubious english Tory in Scotland. Lord one even asked or a poster and wants to put it up in his window.

However the debate here is miniscule and absurd. The lib Dems are suggesting handing cash out to scholl children to encourage 'an enterprise culture'. The Scottish Socilaists have one good idea, that is to abolish Scottish Enterprise. Never really understood how a bunch of civil servants were supposed to teach entrepreneurs how to run a business. Now if they replaced it with an apology shop where businessmen could go to recive some recompense for incompetant regulation that would be splendid, other than that off with you.

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