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Thursday, April 03, 2003  

Don't you just love squaddies?

After last weeks near Apochraphyl comment about the difference between Southampton and Portsmouth comes todays little gem. The Telegraph reports about BFBS based in Kuwait. Currently the hit list has humour as black as a Republican Guard uniform.

Popular inter-troop song requests include The Animals' We Gotta Get Out of this Place and Thin Lizzy's The Boys are Back in Town. On Monday, an armoured unit in the Iraqi desert mocked a battallion further away from the action with D:Ream's Things Can Only Get Better.

Though I am not so sure that Chumbawaumba will be so pleased to hear that their Tubthumpin described thus...

rallying cries against not just the enemy in the desert, but the significant anti-war section of the British public.

The band have a stop the war button prominently on their website and are part of the global idiotarian movement.

Dammit, the problem is that you cannot have copywright over peoples minds, and I wonder if they are going to refuse the money they will be earning from BFBS.

Thinking about BFBS does send me into nostalgia land, growing up as a camp brat in Germany, it filled every day with harmless drivel, like a huge amorphous balnket.
If you want to support them or send a message to anybody out there there is a request link (The broadcasts are heard by both US and UK military) go to the link.

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