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Wednesday, March 12, 2003  

Was Marta Martyrd?

I note that last years big Commission baiting session, which featured the ludicrous spectacle of Niel Kinnock gallantly shielding the frighteningly incompetant Budget Commissioner Michaele Schreyer from her department's dreadful showing. A quick reprise. Andreason the Agentinian born former Chief Accountant of the OECD was brought to the Commission to cast a fresh pair of eyes over the infamous mess that is the EU's accounting. She did precisely what she was asked and pointed out that things were, as suspected a mess. So far so clear. Problem is that Schreyer ignored her.

Kinnock as Vice-President of the Commission and the bloke that they - lord help us - put in charge of reform (a buzz word meaning that something can be kicked into the long grass) did some secretive checking of his own. He commissioned a further report secretly from a bloke called Jules Muis, to see what was going on. Muis is the internal auditing officer. A this point it gets a bit complicated. Muis presented his report to Pillock's office on the 21st May last year. This important because the college of Commissioners were meeting the next day todiscuss the Andreason allegations. (She had got fed up with the Commission stonewallng her report and had leaked some of its findings to the Press).

So before the meeting Kinnock had his privately commissioned report which was a belter. The Commission's accounting system was "vintage public sector in the 60's." The accounts department was "haunted by a profound lack of qualified staff, a host of vacancies/absentees in crucial functions an entrenched mindset." According to a report in the FT there was "a homebase in a deep state of denial on the quality of the existing systems, embedded in a very top-down managerial mono-culture, with a DG who only recently told the audit court he did not see the need for any accounting system at all". What was truly devastating about the report was that it backed Andreason to the hilt, saying that her alleagtions - that the Accounting system was liable to fraud - were "factually substantive and correct" and that she was "raising the right questions."

Kinnock neglected to mention to his fellow Commissioners that he had in his possesion complete confirmation of Andreason's allegations and pressed the Commission into suspending Andreason. She was chased to Brussels airport by Commission security abd handed her resignation papers at the check oyut desk. Papers which she refused to take. The problem was of course that Pillock had informed the world that she was going to resign, without asking her first. This aspect of the case was followed up in The Sprout in September.

On Monday Kinnock claimed that he had done nothing wrong, the Muis report was merely a private note - so private that he could not tell his colleagues about it. We are talking about the chief auditor supporting the chief accountabnt here and Pillock denies that the letter was a substantive issue to be brought up in a discussion. What complete and utter tripe. Andreason pointed out some obvious facts. Kinnock shot the messanger, the Commission did what it always does, and yet again the accounts of the EU - and we are talking €98bn ($108bn, £68bn) here, will be rejected. AND NOTHING HAPPENS!!

If this was Enron heads would roll, but it's taxpayers money so nobody gives a damn.

Best of all in a letter to MEPs handed out on Monday Pillock referred to Mrs Muis, Jules Muis is a man.

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