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Wednesday, March 05, 2003  

Pillar boxes to go the same way as routemasters

Sounds like the start of a Euro myth brewing. Noises reach my ears that the pillar box may find itself derelict due to a EU directive for the partially sighted. In much the same way as the routemaster's day are numbered due to the danger of passengers falling off, and speaking as a former London bus conductor, yup people did fall of at times, but generally stupid people, the pillar box is falling foul of regulations to help the partially sighted. When somebody in Yorkshire noticed that the postage times had been removed from their local box he complained to the Royal Mail. The answer given was the little box for text was too small acccording to EU rules governing public font sizes. Thus rather than providing a service useable by 90 percent of the population they must remove all text; The problem is that old with the old pillar boxes the area for text is part of the original cast iron whole. Therefore the post office is considering removing them in order to comply.

Not sure of the veracity of this one but the scource is normally reliable

posted by Eliab | 6:32 pm
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