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Wednesday, March 19, 2003  

More on Turkey's position

A very interesting post from Strategy Turk on the un-enviable position that that country faces.

Though the author carries through the canard about oil, he then flattens Germany and France.
GERMANY – €600 Million export to Iraq in 2001

As for Germany, Deutsche Telecom suffered losses of almost 24.7 billion Euros; various German banks such as Deutsche Bank also suffered huge losses. German companies well known for their machinery and engineering have been establishing contracts with Iraq after the first Gulf War in 1991. The executives of a German company DEGUSSA, sold centrifuge equipment, which could be used for civilian or nuclear weapons purposes to Iraq despite knowing it might be used for dangerous purposes. Experts have said that such centrifuge technology could help Iraq overcome its biggest challenge to building a bomb: obtaining weapon-grade fissile material. A former executive of DEGUSSA Michael Jansen stated, “By German laws and German standards, there were no illegal deliveries,”
Karl-Heinz Schaab, a German technician convicted of treason in 1999 for selling Iraq secret plans for building a centrifuge to enrich uranium to nuclear weapons grade. Schaab sold Iraq plans that he stole from the German company MAN. For that, he was convicted of high treason, fined a mere $32,000 and ordered to serve a suspended five-year sentence.

Finally he reluctantly concludes that Turkey's national interest rests with the allies.

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