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Thursday, March 20, 2003  

Liberal Democrats again besmirch the name liberal

Following up Peter Cuthbertson's execellant post on Charly Kennedy, now listen to his man in Europe, Graham Watson. Watson is not merely the head of the UK Lib Dems in Brussels, but also the head of the ELDR Group, the third largest group in Parliament.

The war against Iraq is not a just war, but the EU must nevertheless unite to rebuild both Iraq after the conflict and its common foreign policy.

"It could yet be that this crisis will prove a turning point, if our Heads of State and Government accept the need for a common foreign policy and a single EU seat at the United Nations Security Council. Europe's troubled tribalism means that Washington wins the day. If there is a message for London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid it is that if we had a common foreign and security policy, Europe's world view would prevail."

Such a trail of sanctimonious claptrap has hardly been heard before. What the devil can he mean by this? Other than the abject surrender to the anti-democratic, pressure-group dominated nonentities that fail to lead. Talking to ancient nations as if they were troublesome children caught having a scrap in the playground. How he thinks that having one voice (decided by whom pray?) on the security council would give us a stronger voice. Putting the current 15, and the future who knows, countries on a par with a denuded russia and a free and democratic China seems patant and dishonest nonsense.

I winder what it is that he so dislikes, what it is about our democracy he so distrusts, what it is about our histories he so denies? This little man, unheard of outside the boudoirs of the nlargement nations presumes to disppense with their right to an independant voice. Shame on him and his collection of historically and culturally retarded freinds.

posted by Eliab | 2:13 pm
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