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Monday, March 10, 2003  

Irish Freeloaders renounce Neutrality
Fascinating little snippet in todays news. Despite the great outblowings during the Irish Nice II referendum campaign that Ireland's much valued neutrality would be secure it seems that they have entered a military alliance of sorts with the UK.

How else could one read the announcement by Michael Smith the Irish Defence Minister that The RAF is requested to protect Irish air space in the event of attack. Ireland's defense relationship with Britain seems to a mini mirror of Westen Europe's approach to the US.
Well begorrah, we won't spend any of our hard taxed Euros on defence, because you big fella will defend us. Then we can go around shouting from the moral high ground and denounce you as militarists.

Damn it, why should Britain provide air cover to the Irish? The historical links with neutral Ireland's despicable behavior during the 40s is hard not to notice. (I do not include the many thousands of Irish volunteers who joined to fight the Nazi's just the repugnant de Valera regieme.

posted by Eliab | 5:29 pm
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