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Sunday, March 09, 2003  

Hold on there
Is Blix witholding information for any serious purpose?

This piece of news buried deep in an article in today's Sunday Telegraph should put peoples doubts to rest, but I somehow doubt that anybody who needs to listen is in fact listening. But why did neither the US and the Brits use it in their sterling performance at the UN last week? Is it because it was not trailed and they were unaware. I cannot believe that Blix himself was unaware. The Iraquis may be breaking more than toothpicks but they seem to be making more than spears.

"The potential threat to Allied troops increased yesterday when it was revealed that Iraq has secretly built a new and potentially lethal unmanned drone that could rain down chemical and biological weapons on advancing forces.

The revelation was buried deep in the latest 173-page report from United Nations weapons inspectors, declassified only late on Friday"

posted by Eliab | 3:33 pm
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