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Thursday, March 27, 2003  

Ex Clarke Press Officer gets top CCO job.

So the sacking of Rick Nye and Mark Magregor from central office was all about clearing out modernisers was it? Not when the new Deputy head of Communications is non other than Richard Chalk. Chalkie is the current Head of Media Ops for the Tories in the European Parliament and has a history of working on succesful camapigns. Such as the chief Ken Clarke for God err... make that Tory leader campaign, the Steve Norris is better than you, London Mayor campaign and so on.

Chalkie is credited by some for increasing the Tory MEP hit rate with the national press, though I doubt many of you have noticed. There again the fact that the Tory press office did expand exponmentially in the time. (The wages are pretty good over here as well). The reason for the decent wage - quite shocking thought for anybody who has ever worked in Smith Square is that unlike in London party staffers are payed out of the taxpayers pocket and are officially considered European People Party/European Democrat assets, and are essentially civil servants.

Interestingly he has cultivated good links with the Independant, which show he has an eye on expanding Tory readership into places where they have never been before.

He once stood for the Blue corner in the City of Durham

I raise my glass to his future career, and pray that the stories emanating from at least one Tory MEP that he jumped before he was pushed are false.

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