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Monday, March 31, 2003  

European response to French goods boycott

I found this on the Commission intranet, and it makes amusing reading, if only in its impotence.

It has been asked already, and I am asking again. Why are all the soft drinks available to us only from the Coca-Cola company, or a subsidiary of Coca-Cola?

Simple realy, unless you are an ardent fan of Vimto or Iron Bru then your choices are slim. America produces the most popular drinks, simple as that realy, and yes they adapt to market conditions, if there were popular European drinks then they would be available - market economics deal with it, nitwit.

With the ongoing illegal invasion of Iraq by US lead troops, with the USA and Australia tagging along, a movement of boycotting certain American made goods is growing.

This is the first example of the movement I have heard of so if it is growing then it nees to move pretty fast to be effective. There again Europe will have to start producing products that people want to buy at prices Europeans are preparee to pay, don't hold your breath. Oh and did I note that the UK was kept out of the equation, as well as Poland and others, yes, thought so

In order to be realistic, some US products are not included. Obviously, here in the Commission we are forced to use MS products (american) in computers where the CPU is made by Intel (also american).

Same problem, we must stop using American goods, oh bugger we can't do that cause we could not operate without them, so lets have a boycott of some American goods, the ones that aren't essential to our operations as effective beurocrats, that'll help.

Instead this boycott movement is aimed at foods and drinks, as well as oil companies.
Coca-Cola is one of the obvious companies on the boycott list. And I am trying to participate in this boycott.
Why doesn't the enterprise running our resturaunts provide us with some European drinks?
The list of products being boycotted is:

Colgate Palmolive
Del Monte
Del Monte: especially bananas
Chiquita: Bananas
Dole: Bananas
Georgia Pacific
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson Wax
Kimberly - Clark
Pepsi Cola
Procter & Gamble
Buddweisser Beer

So instead we should use oil produced by that wonderful, clean and un corrupt and bloodstained firm, Total Fina Elf. That'll show them.

Lord only knows what this idjit is trying to prove, that Europe cannot operate without American know!how and capacity, well if that is what he is trying to prove he's done it very well.

posted by Eliab | 1:46 pm
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