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Monday, March 31, 2003  

Europe blames Isreal for buggery in the Council

Le Figaro which first announced the buggers in the EU scandal has now revealed two interesting aspects of the case. The first is that the EU's investigators were so cack handed that they alerted the listeners, thus making it impossible to find out who they were. Second is that now they are unable to define which organistation it was that had the desire to listen in they can make allegations about anybody they feel like. And this being Europe guess who they turn the spotlight on, Isreal of course.

The resaon, because in Berne in 1998 Mossad was caught trying to bug the offices of Hezbollah. Now why would they want to do that? But it all suits the increasingly anti-Isreali attitudes of the 19th republic - in a week when we are told that anti-semetic attacks in France have quadrupled as pointed out by The Radical.

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