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Thursday, March 13, 2003  

Doing things by halves

Boy oh boy, it's fun to be a villain in France. Today's Telegraph reports on yet another prison breakout near Paris.
France's most notorious bank robber was sprung from jail yesterday in a raid by 10 members of his gang armed with machineguns, explosives and a bazooka.

The gang scaled a perimeter fence, shot at watchtowers, fired a bazooka shell at a main door and blew up another door to reach a building holding Antonio Ferrara.

Way to go, if only the French political elite showed the same gumption and determination as their criminal elite the world would be a safer place. Hysterically this is not the first time that Antonio Ferrara has been sprung from jug. What is more the authorities might have worked out something like this was going to happen, only a week ago his best chum and "les plus importants du banditisme français" also broke out of prison, this time in Corsica with the assistance of another bazooka according to this report in Le Monde.

Thinking about it, are villains in France better armed than their army?

posted by Eliab | 10:28 am
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