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Saturday, March 15, 2003  

Clarity from Belgian Socialist shocker

Elio di Rupo, who glories under a welter of jobs has sent out a message to all of us lucky to lve in the Walloon section of Brussels. In it this "Ministre d'Etat" tells us the following - please excuse my bad translation.

"These last weeks, the international situation has monopolized our attention. It is true that the war is worst choice. Our parents and our grandparents underwent the horrible experiment".

True, it has. Yes it is nasty, no it is not the worst choice. As mayor of Mons the earth beneath his feet cries out about the horrors of war, and the sacrifices needed to defend civilisation.

"Since more than one half-century, thanks to European construction, in Belgium we live in peace. It is essential to live in dignity. However, though precious peace does not resolve all problems".

Like all true euro-believers peace in Europe is solely a factor of the EU. What happemed before the founding of the European Iron and Steel federation is of little import, still less the prescence on the Continent of large numbers of men in green from the US and the UK, oh and that whole NATO thing. Nope as he says "thanks to European construction, in Belgium we live in peace". It is true though that peace does not solve all problems.

"As, I believe that it is my responsibility as the Belgian Walloon Socilist Party to tell you about great inequality. The socilist model of society associates economic development and strong protection from social risk to be necessary"

He then goes on to claim that the Flemish are trying to destroy the welfare state. Bully for the Flemish I say. If they can bring down the tax take, wind down the huge level of corruption that goes with such an overweening social security system and generally encourage all to rely upon themselves a bit more then all who live here would be in a better place, French speakers included.

Oh, one of Mr Di Rupo's other jobs - Vice president of the Socialist International. Nuff said.

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