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Monday, March 24, 2003  

Check this out

Shock horror, thoughtful conservatives exist, spread the news. Admittedly a bit fluffy on the whole European Issue, but other than that good commonsensical thinking. Cripes what have I just said. Seriously these people deserve to be listened to a bit. One of the authors James Mawdesly is better known as the bloke who made a habit of getting imprisoned by the Burmese regieme, the other Ben Rogers is similarly directed. Faith, trust the individual and most importantly living these ideas through to their natural conclusion.

Conservative ideas
The ideas that bring Conservatives together include the following:

Ø Freedom: people should be free to take decisions about their own lives
Ø Light government: the state is there to serve not to dictate
Ø Rule of law: it is the rule of law which secures our liberty
Ø Strong defence: in Britain we have a valuable heritage and a way of life worth

Conservatism is based on the belief that people are more important than the state. It combines a respect for individual liberty, and a belief that people should help each other. Compassion comes through people, not through the state. All of us are responsible for the condition of our country.

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