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Tuesday, March 04, 2003  

Bush has Freudian complex with Saddam
Out of the mouths of....

I have just had a chat with somebody who went to a panjandrum dinner in Brussels on the 28th Jan. The President of all the Europes, Romano Prodi, was the keynote speaker.
The event was a celebration of the 'Brussels Alumni Chapter' of the European University Institute.

It is one of those times when one looks at the speach as presented to the press and note carefully the comment, "Check delivery".

Here is the speech, all about the constitution and how the Commission and its Penelope paper has got it all right. (Pretty Scary in itself, more comment to come). However according to my scource the speech delivered was barely recognisable, but instead was a impassioned Euro-crowd pleaser which sat firrmly in the "Old Europe". The crescendo was the headline Bush has Freudian complex with Saddam.

My scource, a graduate of the Euro seminary himself and a staunch federast was stunned.

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