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Thursday, March 20, 2003  

Brussels Responds

Romano Prodi shows us exactly why the EU has got this whole crisis so hgorribly wrong.

"The onslaught of war has put paid to the international community's efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Iraq crisis within the United Nations" - Sadly of course the peaceful route would have been the wholehearted support of the French and other fellow travellers to show thart the free world meant business.

"The Commission is committed to delivering humanitarian aid quickly and effectively, under international auspices, where it is most needed". - Except that Chris Patten has already said that Europoe will not pick up the tab for reconstruction (Unless we get the juicy contracts)

Whatever the outcome of the war, there can be no denying this is a bad time for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, for the European Union as a whole, for the authority of the UN, for NATO, and for transatlantic relations. - Check out the priorities here. First and foremost of course is the future of a single foreign and defence policy - now that's what I call vital.

And it goes on, the disciples opf the Oportunities of a beneficial crisis look forward.

Europe can make an effective contribution to peace in the world only if its nations pull together within the European Union. We all agree that we owe our wealth and prosperity to the Union. It is not in our interest to continue relying on others when it comes to defending our values militarily. - So there you have it ços we cannot do anything, we must make sure that nobody can.

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