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Tuesday, March 25, 2003  

and this time he suceeds

Fine headline, but sadly it's unlikely to appear in any respectable journal, nor is the comparable

Kok employed by Europe

The truth is a little more subdued, the result of the EU summit held last week are finally filtering through and it appears that the discredited former socialist PM of Holland has been given the job of working out why there are so few people with jobs in the EU. To be fair he presided over what was known as the Dutch Miracle, where the unemoployment fell in Holland from about 12% to undef 4%, but there where mmany accusations of fiddling the figures and statistical ingenuity at the time - The ILO were particularly cautious.

Whatever he has the job for good or ill. Apparently Blair was his main proposer and Blair had wanted him to head up the Convention, the job finally going to Discard the Stain. I do however suspect that he will not challange the ongoing desire to stamp out "harmful tax competition" which was given another push.

Oh yes and there are calls for "re-inforced co-operation" over EU gas and oil stocks. ie. Europe will decide as to what happens with 'Europes' oil and gas. Now I know that the Dutch have gas platforms, but the only oil I can think of other than the North Sea are the vast quantities of snake oil pouring from the Elysee Palace. So the North Sea stocks are regharded as EU strategic assets.

Got that, Scotland.

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