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Friday, March 14, 2003  

All hail the Wehrmacht, I mean the Bundeswehr

Former CDU German Defence Minister and current Professor of Law at Munich University Rupert Scholz, is the latest senior German to attempt to break that countries self imposed military/constitutional straightjacket.

Yesterday he made the statement that the current German rules were "not sufficient". In his view The right to launch preventative military strikes is now unaviodable. He has poured scorn on the self-defence only approach that has governed German military doctrine since the war and interestingly has claimed the right of "preventative" strike is in itself self defence, thus neatly dancing around UN rules governing such things. In this he has the support of the CDU/CSU opposition. Looking at the recent Lande election results in Nord Rhine Westphalia and elsewhere, we could well be seeing the birth of a Germany that is not merely economically agressive but militarily assertive.

This stance is backed up by recent comments by the SPD defence minister announcing that German forces must be able to operate at short notice anywhere in the world and the head of their armed forces also stating that preventative wars should be possible.

posted by Eliab | 12:10 pm
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